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YL’s editor and workshop facilitator, Ryan Winn, writes a series of How-To essays for the Tribal College Journal. These essays cover topics such as pre-writing, capturing an audience’s attention, content development, revision, persuasive writing, and critique writing.
Since these essays are written with all audiences in mind, they are frequently used in YL’s writing workshops. They are free to everyone and can be accessed by the following link on Tribal College Journal Student:


"Designed to Last," by heather ahtone:
A book review by America Meredith, First American Art, March 1, 2015

"So many people write about the need to assess Indigenous American art based on indigenous values; however, this essay was the first time I have ever seen anyone propose a way to do so. I will attempt to summarize her main points."

Ahtone describes four concepts that may be useful for defining Indigenous Aesthetics: the materials, metaphors, cultural reciprocity, and the symbolism.

The book, "Designed to Last," is published by the Arts Collection ( retrieved from: http://ija.cgpublisher.com/product/pub.85/prod.418).


The Art of Critique Writing Part One: Why We Need Critics
By Ryan Winn

"Some art is compelling, but often a work resonates loudest once critique writers like us interpret the virtues of its artistic expression. The words we write can encourage others to engage, and through our craft we help amplify an artwork’s strengths and illuminate its merit. Therefore writing art criticism is an invaluable service we writers must perform for art, artists, and art aficionados alike."
Published by TCJ Student, (retrieved from http://www.tcjstudent.org/27327/ ).