by Camille Billie
lake in the wild

Reflections in the water,
Theyr'e blurry.
The fact it's more intoxicated
Than the people around me
Is slowly starting to phase me.


A polluted breeze.
It's the air we breathe.
But the propaganda continues to decieve.
Because the cause brings in money.
They kill our life source in the name of Greed.

They've lost their morals,
They've lost their minds.
We need to wake up,
So we can be devine:
Who we were meant to be.
We need to break away,
So we can truly be free.

A pill for this,
Take this for
the side effects of that.
Modern day medicine is like
The equivalent of crack.
Because I don't feel healed,
I don't feel better.
I don't feel anything,
But the urge to protect our Mother.

Camille Billie as a young poet and Oneida tribal member