Avengers Infinity Wars

A Film Review by Joseph Waukechonavengers movie poster

A note to the Marvel faithful—yes, Winter Soldier meets Rocket Raccoon. And yes, the metal arm does come up.

Avengers: Infinity War is a superhero film from Marvel Studios starring Josh Brolin, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Zoe Saldhana, Chris Pratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Evans and Tom Holland. It centers mainly around its villain, Thanos: a mad being who is on a quest to collect all six Infinity Stones, which will grant him the power to wipe out half the universe. The film is a sprawling culmination of all ten years of Marvel’s films and the events and characters therein. In fact, almost every single hero or person with abilities makes an appearance. So given that the hype for this movie could not be higher, how did it hold up?

One thing to note if you have not yet seen this film, there are very few fanservice moments where one beloved character meets another, and nerdy in-jokes ensue. The internet prepared for the Guardians of the Galaxy to meet the Avengers and imagined goofy friendships to happen. This is not the tone of the film at all, in fact the intense emotional gravity surprised many people. This is probably Marvel at its grittiest, and quite a far cry from the more toy-etic, lighthearted previous Avengers films.

Personally I thought this movie was amazing in almost every sense. Despite the sheer gravity and literal non-stop action, every character had a small moment of development and a satisfying level of contribution. More than this, I thought the ending was truly out of left field, both shattering and leaving us hungry for more. I truly do believe people are going to talk about this movie for years to come in the fashion of Citizen Kane or Inception. The way this movie, especially the ending, wrapped up was on a whole new level of art no superhero film, probably no film, has ever achieved. The word that comes to mind was GUTSY.

This film surrendered the comfort and marketability that made us fall in love with Marvel do something new and amazing. Considering the sheer amount of work that went into Infinity War, I’d say that it was a titanic gamble that they need to be commended for. The kind of gamble that people in the moment scoff at, but years later inspires new genres of film. I also truly commend the writing and acting of Thanos. Many films try to humanize their villain’s actions, but I assure you, nothing to this caliber.

This movie’s flaws are what everybody has already told you: crucial Avengers characters are shown in the marketing but then never make an appearance, which I think is fairly insulting. Something people complain about is the fact that the film is the definition of overstuffed. There is truly only one or two cool-down moments of people talking in a boardroom, the kind of expository fare that most of Civil War consisted of.

Avengers: Infinity War undoubtedly lives up the hype in terms of intelligence, special effects and sheer cinematic power, which is the best any movie can hope for. If you do go, you’re going to need a heart of Vibranium to get out emotionally unscathed.

Joseph Waukechon is a Menominee and Chippewa college student, who’s officially enrolled in the Chippewa Tribe. He has always had a deep and laughably emotional love for film.  He enjoys celebrating and rejecting them, but always giving credit where credit is due.